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HOOPS is a meme token that represents the tenacious builders of Fantom-Sonic chain. It embodies the spirit of trust, transparency, and innovation.
By joining $HOOPS, you become part of a community that values honesty, openness and a genuine fair-dinkum spirit. 


HOOPS started as a joke inspired by a tweet from Blake Hooper, the founder of Equalizer Exchange. Blake acted fast, buying up the token supply and acquiring the liquidity pool from the token's creator.
This move provided HOOPS holders with confidence, knowing that the most trusted figure on the Fantom chain was effectively overseeing the token supply.  

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The HOOPS contract has been renounced and is not mintable meaning supply is limited to 1,000,000,000 HOOPS.

- Blake Hooper currently oversees around 80% of supply.


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01.stage one

  • Engage and grow HOOPS community

  • Build partnerships  

  • CoinGecko listing 

02.Stage  two

  • Creative airdrop strategies

  • Expand trading liquidity

  • Captivate whales

  • Take HOOPS mainstream

03.Stage three

  • CEX listing 

  • HOOPS features on Sydney Opera House

  • Build build build!!!

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